Why Wellness Programs Are Hot

The right wellness program lowers company-wide healthcare costs, decreases absenteeism, increases employee engagement and strengthens productivity.

Those facts keep wellness programs one of the hottest topics going. What’s not to love? Study after study links worksite wellness programs to strong company financial gains and a happier, less stressed workforce.

As a company founded by a clinician, Prairie States has always understood that to effect healthcare costs, you have to look at people’s health. It’s why we have clinicians in-house in claims administration and all areas of health services. Promoting wellness is at the core of everything we do.

Hot Numbers

It’s estimated that companies can save an average of $6 for each dollar invested in an effective, properly administered corporate wellness program.1 Though our customers frequently report a rate of return twice that!

Consider these additional measurable rewards – all pointing to strong financial gains after initiating a company wellness program.

Findings from 56 different worksite wellness program studies2 showed that on average companies saw a:

  • 27 percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism
  • 26 percent reduction in health care costs
  • 32 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims

These benefits were confirmed by a second multi-study review3 that analyzed 42 corporate wellness programs. On average companies saw a:

  • 25 percent reduction in absenteeism and sick leave
  • 25 percent reduction in health costs
  • 32 percent reduction in workers compensation and disability costs

 Many researchers believe that indirect, productivity-related savings are double4 that of the more easily measured healthcare savings. The theory here is that healthier employees are happier, and happier employees are more productive. After all, how focused are you at work when you’re sick?

Experts emphasize that workplace wellbeing translates into better relations with co-workers and customers. This in turn brings increased sales and better, quicker solutions for business challenges. It’s no wonder over two thirds of US employers offer some sort of wellness program.

Talk It Up

Again and again, wellness programs – when expertly administered – result in lower healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, higher productivity, and greater employee engagement. That explains why wellness programs are now becoming standard and why you should find a strong partner in wellness.

Prairie States delivers proven methods for your clients to initiate a company wellness program that meets, and beats, national statistics in terms of reducing healthcare costs that trend far below the national average.

Here’s what your clients need to know about Prairie States’ optional wellness services:

Condition Management: One of the most effective ways to help your clients reduce a huge healthcare cost driver, Condition Management serves employees with long-term or chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, back pain and cardiovascular disease as well as a number of additional conditions. Our clinicians work with employees and their healthcare providers to develop a care plan that improves health while reducing costs.

Optimal Health: This popular plan is customizable to fit a company’s culture and needs. Employers can choose from options such as online biometric tracking, activity tracking, education tools, incentive programs, condition management and one-on-one, year-round health coaching by phone.

FiveStar Health: A unique wellness program, our concierge-styled FiveStar Health service gives plan members a personal health coordinator to guide them through every aspect of healthcare. This includes helping members choose the right healthcare provider for their needs and understand benefits eligibility, medical claims, prescriptions, flexible spending accounts and more. This service also helps members achieve company-wide health and wellness goals.

Talk to Prairie States about how our wellness programs and services can make a big difference in your client’s healthcare benefits plan. It’s hot stuff and it’s only getting hotter.


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Prairie States Enterprises, Inc. is a third-party health benefits plan administrator that brings industry expertise and a clinical focus to self-insured companies. Our in-house claims administration, health management services, wellness programs, plan analysis and predictive modeling tools result in remarkable and unprecedented cost control for employers. We also provide the most compassionate and personalized level of service for plan members.
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