Smart Business Decisions Start Here

Sound strategies and innovative thinking will make your employee benefits plan one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make. Prairie States helps you develop a customized and comprehensive health benefits plan that’s easy, affordable and cost effective. It can be designed to meet both your corporate culture and your strategic goals. Plus, you’ll have a plan that will keep current employees happy, healthy and productive, while attracting top talent.

What sets Prairie States apart? We proactively pursue savings opportunities that result in an annual healthcare cost trend far below the national average. Our focus on robust reporting is second to none, to give you the data you need to see how your plan is performing, and manage it better. We keep you safe, and always in compliance, by helping you stay on top of changes in health care reform legislation. And we always make sure to improve the experience for every member we serve.

Build the right plan, with the cost reductions, customer service and expertise you haven’t experienced before. Get Prairie States working for you.

  Performance Guarantees
  • 99+ financial accuracy rate
  • All clean claims paid in less than 10 business days
  • All calls answered in 30 seconds by a real person during business hours
Or you receive a 10% fee rebate.